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Your best friend has convinced you that you need to get a CRM tool. Looking at your calendar you wonder “Where the heck do I get the time to do that?”

The questions start circling in your mind:

  • Strategic Vision

    Strategic Vision:

    What is a CRM (and is it legal)? How does it help me grow my company?

  • Applications


    There are too many options. How do I find the time to figure out the best one for me? How much will it cost and what’s the ROI? Will it work with my accounting system?

  • Infrastructure/Cloud


    Everyone is using the Cloud but is it right for me for this application?

  • Security and Data Integrity

    Security and Data Integrity

    How do I protect my data and make sure it’s available when I need to use it? How do I know the information is right?”

  • Tech Purchasing

    Tech Purchasing

    How do I plow through the user agreement, make sure I’m protected, and that it is really the deal I want? Why won’t they guarantee their service?

  • PCs and BYO Devices

    PCs and BYO Devices

    How will I know if the CRM I pick will work on all of the different phones, tablets and computers that my sales people and I use?

  • Compliance and Training

    Compliance and Training

    Who the heck trains us and makes sure we are leveraging the investment?

  • User Support

    User Support

    Will I have to pay for support in a few months when I have questions? What about upgrades?

We can work all of these questions and let you get back to growing your business.

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